How it works

This sidebar is an excellent place to give an over-view of what reglazing is and how it works. Maybe also include some links to PDF or images that will help measure A, B, and DBL values (like the PD chart that's designed to be printed).

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Start by entering the measurements for your frame:

  Right (OD) Left (OS)
Sphere (SPH)
Cylinder (CYL)


Casino Eyewear


Casino Eyewear ranges from traditional to trendy matching with almost any style.

Focus Eyewear


Focus Eyewear helps stretch the budget without sacrificing quality and value.

Elegante Eyewear


Elegante’ eyeglass frames provide women the timeless appeal of quality and value.

Peace Eyewear


Peace eyeglass frames provide style and sophistication for evolving sensibilities.

Jelly Bean Eyewear

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean frames feature colorful and style forward designs for kids or all ages.

Haggar Eyewear


Haggar eyeglass frames are tailored with quality and style for your active life.

Rafaella Eyewear


Rafaella eyeglass frames live up to the maxim that “Fitting is Believing”

Reflections Eyewear


Reflections eyeglass frames provide an affordable alternative to high-end designs.

Sun Trends Eyewear

Sun Trends

Sun Trends polarized sunwear provide affordable protection from UV exposure.

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